Charlie Pierce: ‘GOP has gone completely insane’

[I]t’s the party that, when we have mine disasters, blocks mine regulations. It’s the party that says when we want to fix our roads, you can’t have an infrastructure bill, you can’t raise the gas tax. It’s the party that when some people have floods, like New Jersey, marks Chris Christie as lousy when he especially accepts help from the federal government and we have the same which has somewhere between 300 and 600 people running for president, none of whom will do anything about the problem of mass shootings in America.

One thought on “Charlie Pierce: ‘GOP has gone completely insane’

  1. Republicans are the embodiment of the anti-Christ. Night is day, evil is good, greed is generosity, healthcare is murder, murder is freedom. If the Christian Taliban wants the end-times, Rethugs and the 1% have created it for them.

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