Ben Carson: Faster than a speeding bullet!

Faster than a speeding bullet! I used to hang out at a bar near one of our big teaching hospitals, and we all learned the hard way not to date any neurosurgeons (or cardiac surgeons) — because of their massive ego problems. Ben Carson just reminded me of that, because he probably actually believes he could outrun a bullet:

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson on Tuesday said he would have confronted the shooter at Umpqua Community College, had he been present at the time of the attack.

“Not only would I probably not cooperate with him, I would not just stand there and let him shoot me. I would say ‘Hey, guys, everybody attack him! He may shoot me but he can’t get us all,’ ” the retired neurosurgeon said on “Fox and Friends.”

A gunman opened fire at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore., on Thurday, killing nine people and wounding nine others. Authorities said the gunman shot himself.

Obama is expected to visit Roseburg on Friday to meet families of the victims. The visit comes amid a previously scheduled four-day swing across the West Coast for political fundraisers and events.
Carson slammed the visit and accused Obama of grandstanding.

“Imagine, a politician politicizing something,” the retired neurosurgeon said on “Fox and Friends.”

“When do we get to the point where we have people who actually want to solve our problems, rather than just politicize everything?” Carson continued. “I think that’s what the American people are so sick and tired of.”

When asked during the Fox News interview whether he would make the trip to Oregon on Friday like Obama, Carson said as president, he likely would not make the trip if the community didn’t want him to.

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  1. I’m pretty sure an automatic weapon could get everyone in a nano-second before they could rush the shooter. I would most likely freeze in terror myself.

    But I agree Obama should stay away if the community is against a visit.

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