GA indicts racists who terrorized kid’s birthday party

This was one of the more disgusting stories this summer, and we can thank the Southern Poverty Law Center for tracking down the evidence and witnesses that led to the indictment:

A Georgia state prosecutor today announced the indictments of 15 people who threatened African Americans and used racial slurs when they stopped at a family party while cruising around in a convoy of pickup trucks flying Confederate flags.

Ten men and five women were charged with issuing terroristic threats and participating in gang activity. Two of the men were also charged with battery for hitting a man at a gas station on the same day.

The SPLC launched an investigation immediately after the July 25 incident and turned over videos and other evidence to Douglasville District Attorney Brian K. Fortner. SPLC attorneys also brought witnesses to the prosecutor and have been representing some of the people at the party.

4 thoughts on “GA indicts racists who terrorized kid’s birthday party

  1. I’m happy to hear this – thanks for the info. I live in the county next to Douglas County but I can’t bear to watch local news – it’s just too depressing.

    I hope this straightens these yahoos out but I’m not counting on it.

  2. Yeah, we’ll see how far this goes.
    I suspect that the powers that be are not very motivated to remedy the situation.

  3. Yeah, I saw the entire news reports on a variety of local channels here in Atlanta. What pissed me off even more was the “fair and balance” bullshit they teach in journalism classes. Since all the so-called reporters wanted to be fair and balanced they had to throw in the hearsay and suppositional crap (didn’t say where they got the “info”) that the partiers started everything by cursing at the terrorists day-riders……..and the cops were standing right there watching it all as if they were just directing all the traffic!!!

  4. I live close by where this happened.
    You’re correct about the “fair and balanced” stuff. I don’t care if the partiers cursed them first. If I was an African American family and a group of these yahoos pulled in the lot next to my house, you damn straight I would be scared and angry. They disturb me for sure. And all summer these types of clowns were running around on Sundays in western and NW Georgia.
    The city police did collect information on a number of these people. But, I am really glad the SPLC got involved. But, what really surprised me is that a Grand Jury handed down indictments.

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