Paul Ryan: Still soulless

Rep. Paul Ryan claimed to have run a marathon in less than three hours.
Rep. Paul Ryan claimed to have run a marathon in less than three hours.

Charlie Pierce on the zombie-eyed granny stabber known as Paul Ryan, and reminds us there is little daylight between him and the House Free Dumb caucus:

He isn’t even Speaker of the House yet, but Paul Ryan already is demonstrating that if you’ve been a smiling mass of opportunistic mendacity your entire public career, you probably aren’t going to change much if you take a new job, no matter how influential and important that job is. We already talked about the mock outrage that the zombie-eyed granny starver summoned up over the budget deal negotiated between Congress and the White House. Now, we discover that the mock outrage was even more mockish than we thought it was.

One of its most important provisions makes changes to the Social Security Disability Insurance program, and some of those changes came from the House Ways and Means Committee, which oversees Social Security and which Ryan chairs. “Paul Ryan’s staff was involved in crafting the provision for weeks,” a Democratic aide told HuffPost. “His staff signed off on the provision, his staff also signed off on other key provisions” related to tax compliance and Medicare. Ryan spokesman Brendan Buck denied that Ryan’s committee staff crafted the disability provision within the context of the legislation, which was negotiated by the White House with party leaders in the House and Senate. The committee had been working on changes to disability benefits earlier this year; Buck acknowledged that Ways and Means staff were aware the disability provision would be included. “They grabbed off the shelf what we’d been working on for months,” Buck said, adding that Ryan supports the provision. “We were aware of that, but not what all was being traded back and forth.”

​So his staff knew, but he didn’t? That dog won’t stop licking its balls long enough to hunt. Then, there’s immigration, and we see again that the mysterious buried Mason jar that once contained John Boehner’scojones did not stay empty for long.​

2 thoughts on “Paul Ryan: Still soulless

  1. We of the Group W Bench are proud to be mean nasty and ugly mother fuckers… father stabbers, father fuckers, but we draw the line at granny stabbing. There’s a metaphor in there.

  2. I have a friend on disability who said the process was nightmarish and that was a few years ago. And although this is unrelated, we just went through h_ll and high water to get an electric wheelchair for my Mom through Medicare. It took months and months and she can barely walk at all at age 85.

    So by all means lets drag those types of processes out even longer. We could have saved money if Mom had croaked already!

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