When a student tells classmates they’re beautiful

Look how beautiful they become when someone tells them they are:

A student from Chicago has created a video where she tells people they are beautiful and records their reactions. Shea Glover, 18, is heard telling her friends, fellow students, and faculty members that she is “taking pictures of beautiful things” and captures their raw reactions. “I conducted a social experiment at my high school,” writes Glover…

2 thoughts on “When a student tells classmates they’re beautiful

  1. We really don’t compliment each other enough, do we? My mother in her heyday was movie-star beautiful, but she told us in the hospital the other day that she’d only been told two times in her life that she was pretty. By a pediatrician when we were little and my father – once – in over 30 years of marriage. And she honestly was Elizabeth Taylor level good-looking. What a shame.

  2. Unfortunately, some people take compliments like they were delivered with the back of the hand with suspicion and disbelief.

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