One thought on “The day John Lennon died

  1. Yeah, I was living in NYCity at the time and heard it on the 11 o’clock news.
    I never was a great fan of the Beatles or of John Lennon. but Jesus Christ, this hit me hard.
    I found myself in Central Park on the following Sunday. I think it was Yoko Ono who called for people to gather there.
    As I recall, the crowd that gathered heard tape recordings of John Lennon’s songs until the “moment of silence” began.
    It was way more than a moment-probably fifteen minutes- but when it began, people wept.
    I wept. Tears were pouring on to my nice black wool winter coat. I remember I looked down at my own tears, rolling off my coat, and wondered where they were coming from.
    At the same time, something was dripping on my head-more tears!
    Some guy was in a tree (Central Park) above me and his tears were dripping down upon me.
    John Lennon. God rest his soul.
    Thanks, Susie, for remembering this.

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