Trump calls for ban on Muslims entering country

Donald Trump is just the mouthpiece for the racist, unpatriotic cowards lurking under their rocks all over the country, so it comes as no surprise that he would send out a press release today calling for the ban on all Muslims entering the country. Religious freedom? What religious freedom? You read that right. To bolster his…

2 thoughts on “Trump calls for ban on Muslims entering country

  1. It may be illegal, immoral and unethical, but the plan would work like a dream, of course. After all, Muslims, and especially terrorist Muslims are well known to have a big scarlet M on their foreheads so there’d be no problem filtering them all out.

    Right? Right?

  2. That statement of his or press release is full of grammatical errors. The second sentence is a fragment. In the next sentence it should read, “…our country cannot be the victim”….not “victims”. And it is “people who” not “people that”.

    The style of the language suggests he wrote that himself and I doubt he asked anyone to proofread it. lol

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