Saved by an angel

I thought this was fascinating. I had a similar experience once:

When actor Richard Dreyfuss crashed his Mercedes-Benz two-seater on Benedict Canyon Dr. in Los Angeles in 1982, authorities noted the actor would probably have been killed had he not been wearing a seat belt.

But here’s the thing. In those days, Dreyfuss never wore a seat belt. As he tells Ron Rosenbaum in the new issue of Smithsonian magazine, the incident – all these years later – still has a mystical quality:

“I was a famous movie star; I was rich and I was acting like a low-down dirty dog. I was taking drugs; I was sleeping with people’s wives; I was out of control. And one night, at the home of a studio head, I screamed obscenities in her face and then left and got into my two-seater convertible Mercedes with the top down and drove down the street. I never put a seat belt on, I never had. And I woke up with the Benedict Canyon on my face; the car was above me, and I was strapped in by a safety belt I didn’t put on. And I knew my life had changed.”

He’s sort of saying he was saved by a personal angel who led him to the light.

“Yeah. And I was arrested for possession of a little bit of coke and two or three Percodan tablets. And I had flipped my car—I had slammed into one of the big trees on Benedict and half the divider slammed into the thing, the car rolled, and I woke up…”

“And you had your safety belt on.”

“I didn’t put it on myself.”

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  1. I’ve heard many similar stories over the years, some from close friends. I’m not really a believer, but who am I to argue with their epiphany. Good for them, if it helps them get their shit together.

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