Dangerous wingnut appointed to AZ supreme court

Clint Bolick

Much like what happened with global warming and the fossil fuel industry, powerful financial interests have been spending tons of money to con the public into thinking their lawless view of the Constitution is the correct one. Now the Arizona governor has put a libertarian wingnut who does just that on the state Supreme Court:

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey appointed Clint Bolick of the Goldwater Institute to the Arizona Supreme Court. Ducey bypassed many experienced jurists by choosing Bolick.

Ah yes, the Koch-connected Goldwater Institute!

Bolick has litigated many cases to fight government regulation of all kinds. He strongly supports vouchers and charters. He defended vouchers in Wisconsin and Ohio.

Good luck, Arizonians!

One thought on “Dangerous wingnut appointed to AZ supreme court

  1. It was either Bolick or John McCain.
    We can’t save everybody. Especially if they’re Capitalists who believe that if you’re poor it’s your own fault and if you’re rich it’s because you’re smarter than everybody else.
    For these Capitalists public schools, Social Security and a graduated income tax system are all Socialist ideas.
    Socialism bad,
    Capitalism good.

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