A land grab. Of course!

This morning, Third Watch Productions, a well known affiliate of the Oath Keepers anti-government organization, put out a statement from Ammon Bundy on Sunday, revealing the next stage of their occupation. SHARE BREAKING UPDATE! AMMON BUNDY! BURNS OREGON! SIGN! https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/commute-sentences-dwight-lincoln-hammond-jr-and-steven-dwight-hammond-both-harney-county-oregon Posted by Blaine Cooper on Saturday, January 9, 2016 Now, it is unknown what Records that…

One thought on “A land grab. Of course!

  1. To compound their original crime of stealing this land from native Americans, the Capitalist are now trying to steal it from “we the people.”
    What the Bundy’s of this country are too stupid to understand is that they are simply being used as Capitalist tools by the billionaire class.
    Unfortunately most of these dolts think that ‘irony’ is a device one uses to remove wrinkles from clothing.

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