Palin endorsement brings gravitas to Trump campaign

You have to watch this interview from last year.

Can Sarah Palin’s support really help Donald Trump? Media speculation about Trump’s “very special guest” at a Tuesday rally in Iowa have been circulating since Sunday when he used Facebook to tout the event. Many assumed the guest would be Palin, although attention also centered on other conservatives who could endorse Trump, including Jerry Falwell Jr,…

3 thoughts on “Palin endorsement brings gravitas to Trump campaign

  1. I don’t know about ‘use guys’ but I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.
    Trump has hired Sarah Palin to hit the road with him on his quest for the presidency.
    This dynamic duo will single-handedly revive the long dead art of burlesque.
    The only question left for them to resolve is which one of them will be the straight man?

  2. A day before this endorsement, Palin’s bad-boy son Track was arrested on three counts of domestic abuse, drunkenness, and firearm possession.
    My local paper, the 500,000-circulation SJ Mercury News, made no mention of this.
    Sarah’s record as head of a wildly dysfunctional family says far more about her values and abilities than her incoherent public statements.
    Why do evangelicals flock to this ignorant and destructive hate-monger?

  3. Don’t be so confident Imhotep. I remember laughing when Cheney picked bush to be his puppet and running mate. Back in the eighties Cheney was synonymous with crazy wing nut. Three months after their doom should have been assured, it turned out the joke was on me. And I really don’t think these two clowns are much worse than buscheney.

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