Comcast charges man $300 Bill after his house burns down


Comcast Sent Man a $300 Bill, Even Though His Home Burned Down That Comcast! Always going out of its way to demonstrate how much it hates…er…”values” its customers. Yes, nothing says “we appreciate your business” quite like sending someone a cable bill after they lost their home. Yep, Comcast sent a guy a $300 bill after…

3 thoughts on “Comcast charges man $300 Bill after his house burns down

  1. Comcast is one of the Big Five who own all of the corporate media.
    Comcast, a giant corporation, has a very large billing department whose job it is to rake in the money.
    The fact that there are people, little people, sending that money to them every month only occurs to them as an afterthought.
    When I walk into Tony’s Pizza place to get a pie, the guy or gal behind the counter knows my face and my name. We’re friends. They will know when my house burns down. They might even send me a pie or two free of charge to get by.
    Comcast doesn’t know me or you from the guy in the cemetery, and quite frankly they don’t give a damn who we are.
    But, make no mistake, they know who our senator and our congressman or woman is.
    Our money which Comcast claims is their profit then goes to the politicians to screw us over.
    The system is rigged and we’re footing the bill.

  2. Yes Jay, the next thing you know the government will send you a bill for contaminating your pipes and poisoning your water.

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