Arrest him

Snyder plans $30M credit for Flint customers

Time for the torches and pitchforks:

FLINT, MI – Gov. Rick Snyder and other state officials allegedly withheld lead testing results from county health officials while they worked to find ways to present the information to the public, according to emails obtained by The Flint Journal.

Local health officials say the governor and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality withheld lead testing results, including results from a Flint elementary school, while the agency discussed the best way to present the information to the public.

But, Snyder’s office said Wednesday, Feb. 10, that information was shared quickly after testing.

Emails obtained this week from the Genesee County Health Department through the Freedom of Information Act, show growing frustration on the county’s part as it attempted to obtain information from the DEQ.

“MDEQ explained that the Governor prohibited releasing all Genesee County lead results until after the press conference,” wrote Jim Henry,Genesee County’s environmental health supervisor.

Henry, in an interview Wednesday, said county officials didn’t learn of the test results until they were distributed following a press conference.

“They should have alerted the schools and they didn’t,” Henry said.

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  1. Republican governance at its best, by which I mean governance at its most horrifically criminal worst. Just like the private sector, lie, cheat, and blame someone else.

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