Fruits and vegetables

Winter Crops

I guess I can stop feeling guilty about my diet now?

The second episode, which aired last week, highlighted another aspect of the drought. It shows how farmers are using treated oil wastewater to irrigate their crops, despite the fact that nobody has tested the wastewater to see if it’s safe.

“There are farmers so desperate for water in one particular irrigation district called Cawelo, they’re taking some wastewater to irrigate crops from Chevron. It’s being used to grow food for people—citrus crops, grapes, pistachios,” Tom Frantz told Deol in the episode.

“You grow an orange—it’s 90 percent water when it gets to the consumer,” Frantz continued. “Where did that water come from? It’s the irrigation water. The irrigation water is toxic, even at very tiny amounts. Is there a tiny amount of toxicity now in the fruit? Nobody is testing that yet. And they’re salting up their soil by using this water, which means ultimately they’ll have to stop growing everything.”

Seth Shonkoff of PSE Healthy Energy explained to Deol that “until we have a list of the chemicals that are going into oil and gas wells and in what volumes and what are their toxicities, we’re flying blind.”

In order to find out the health impacts of using recycled oil water on crops, Deol joined water scientist Scott Smith as he covertly tested the water for toxic chemicals at the Cawelo wastewater treatment plant.

“We found oil and these nasty solvents,” which can cause “kidney damage, liver damage and cancer,” Smith said.

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  1. Hillary supports GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) and opposes
    GMO labeling.
    Bernie opposes GMO’s and supports GMO labeling.

  2. It all has to do with EPA established ‘detection’ levels and toxicity. Corporations stall and obfuscate the establishment of these levels. Then they can say there’s no indication that exposure levels are dangerous. Like the denier in Michigan who says the water is perfectly safe . . . until asked to drink the shit himself.

  3. Yikes. I eat out most of the time so there’s not much I can do about that. Then we have also lost country of origin rules on food, and any thing from China is likely to be worse than chevron veggies. I guess I should grow my own but when I see the junk prior owners have buried in my yard, plus the neighbor who whip out the round up at the sight of a dandelion, that’s probably not a safe bet either. Muchas cancers in our futures, I guess

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