Bundy crew mooched off local food bank

In addition to costing Harney County $3.3 million (so far) in costs for services and overtime, leaving ditches full of feces and probably destroying rare artifacts, it turns out the Bundy Bunch also mooched over at the local senior center’s food bank. Not included in the tally were things like added demand for food and services…

3 thoughts on “Bundy crew mooched off local food bank

  1. Now I understand why they put out that peculiar call for snacks. They probably don’t stock junk food at the food bank. And as Napoleon pointed out long ago, an army marches on its cheezedoodles.

  2. Well. You can’t really eat a box of dildos, even of you bake them, the dilbread is low in calories and nutrition.

  3. Walmart receives more tax dollars directly and indirectly then anyone except for every other other corporation.
    Big oil gets billions.
    Conservative Republicans are so full of crap their eyes are brown.
    They are also racist warmongers.

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