Why Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the worst

I have no words other than, way to go, Debbie, to undercut 99.9% of the Democratic Party. DNC Chair Joins GOP Attack On Elizabeth Warren’s Agency Payday lenders have been gunning for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau since the day President Barack Obama tapped Elizabeth Warren to set up the new agency. They’ve had plenty of…

4 thoughts on “Why Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the worst

  1. The real reason that Wasserman-Schultz is the worst is that
    she’s in the tank for Hillary and the Democratic Party establishment (which answers to the plutocrats).
    Last week on CSPAN Jean-Pierre, communication director for O’Malley and a Democratic strategist, was discussing the Democratic super-delegates.
    She said, “Hillary Clinton already has 445 (she has more after yesterday) super-delegates pledged to her, so Bernie Sanders would need to blow-out the remaining primaries and caucuses to be nominated.”
    Question from a caller, “So isn’t the primary rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton?”
    Jean-Pierre answered with a straight face, “Oh no, not at all.”
    The Democratic Party’s leadership is as bad or worse then the Republican Party’s leadership which Trump is destroying singlehandedly.

  2. Interesting to see on this site a critique of Hillary’s spear carrier, Wasserman-Schultz. The two are inseparable and both are corrupt members of the soon to be defunct status quo.

  3. Do you guys have any proof whatsoever the primary is rigged? That HRC would choose DWS for VP? Spear-carrier? Really? How so – be specific. CDS in full bloom – pathetic.

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