3 thoughts on “Remember me

  1. My very first Todd album (33¢ bargain bin purchase), and still my favorite.

    Did you know that UK label Edsel’s done remastered re-releases of all the early albums, from Runt (with your fave, “Baby, Let’s Swing”) through Todd, the double album, and quite nicely, too? They’ve all got lots of bonus material–ie., “Runt” has the alternate, inadvertently released first version, with the extended “Baby, Let’s Swing”?


    And they’re cheaper at Amazon.co.uk than they are here, especially once VAT’s subtracted, and even moreso when you buy from one of their Marketplace sellers.

    Oh, and you probably know, but Maron had Todd on WTF this last Monday. Haven’t listened to it all yet, but Maron admittedly knows next to nothing about Todd, so Todd does most of the talking. (And apparently gets really spiky when talking about producing XTC.)

    Regardless, “Remember Me” is such a lovely song…thanks!

  2. Todd on WTF was great, except he claimed that “nobody” has “The Ballad…” HA! Despite not having a working turntable, I still have a complete collection from Nazz to Hermit….
    We’ve ordered from Amazon UK for family in Italy. Any credit card works fine.

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