Report: AL Gov. Bentley aimed cops at bloggers over his affair


According to an explosive allegation made by Alabama Political Reporter Bill Britt yesterday, Republican Governor Robert Bentley pressed law enforcement and regulatory agencies to investigate two men for blogging about his alleged affair with political adviser Rebekah Mason. Two individuals with detailed knowledge of the incidents say Bentley ordered the use of the National Crime Information…

4 thoughts on “Report: AL Gov. Bentley aimed cops at bloggers over his affair

  1. Reminds me of the women coming forward before the Gropinator was — in spite of the pretty well-founded accusations of groping! — elected Gubernator of California. From that safe perch, he announced he was going to “help” the women by investigating them, and the whole thing disappeared. (I don’t think Schwarzenegger phrased it that baldly, but that was the gist.)

    Nobody has investigated his use of state power to shut up those witnesses that I know of. But it sure looks like it would have interesting parallels to this case.

  2. Sarah and Todd “The First Gentleman” Palin tried to use Alaska LE to destroy their one-time brother in law. No consequences for them.

  3. Ask Planned Parenthood about the hi-jacking of criminal divisions by Republican Governors.

  4. Rethug official does corrupt and illegal actions while in office for their own personal benefit . . . and corporate media is like, “yeah, so? Where’s the news in that.”

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