Obese could soon outnumber underweight worldwide

Most people know obesity is on the rise, but many don’t realize just how dire the situation has become. A new study published in The Lancet sounds the alarm on planet Earth’s expanding waistline. The report, the largest to date of its kind, involved 19.2 million men and women age 18 and older. The data comes…

3 thoughts on “Obese could soon outnumber underweight worldwide

  1. “Western” and fast food is followed by obesity everywhere. Granted. But there’s another hugely important factor and we don’t know what it is.

    Lab animals have been getting fatter over the last three or so decades. Lab animals. They’re on totally controlled diets and, what is more, the same diets as twenty years ago. But they’re getting fatter with the rest of us.

    It seems to me that the only possible culprit which might explain that is endocrine disruptors. Those are byproducts of using pesticides (so they get in the water), most plastics, and the like. They also follow Western agricultural and industrial methods everywhere.

    If they’re part of the problem then solving obesity is going to require a big rethink of food growing and industry. Merely having to change your diet could come to seem like a nice problem to have.

  2. On behalf of the entire world, plump little Neil Cavuto should be very glad that hamburgers are going to be more expensive as the minimum wage rises.

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