You can’t make the fever break

Ted Cruz - Caricature

Jamelle Bouie says that the GOP establishment has a good reason to fear Ted Cruz: … there’s a reason Republican elites have kept him at arm’s length … he is an avatar for a conservative faction of the Republican Party that wants to ascend to prominence. Attached to the Tea Party, rooted in institutions like theā€¦

One thought on “You can’t make the fever break

  1. You’re right, the radicals will not learn or change. But the money class will learn and shift their support to the right wing side of the dem party like they’ve been doing for decades. They already own most of it both parties anyway. Maybe we’ll get a three party system for a while if the left can grow enough split off from the dem party and the Rs turn into a far right wing stump. But I think we’ll just keep going the way we’ve been going for a generation with the right getting more and more radical

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