AT&T seeks to eliminate CA landlines

AT&T Seeks to Elminate Land Line Phones in California by Miriam Rafferty April 12, 2016 (Sacramento) – Yesterday the Assembly Committee on Utilities and Commerce heard AB 2395, a measure that aims to eliminate hard-wired land line phones in California communities where cabled fiber optic connections are not available or are too expensive to install, such…

2 thoughts on “AT&T seeks to eliminate CA landlines

  1. Has anybody seen a pay phone lately?
    Does anyone under 25 even know what a pay phone is?
    Obama wants the TV cable box to go the way of the dial up phone.
    Good riddance to the monopolies that both the land line and the cable box created.
    Have a nice afterlife Comcast.

  2. Well, I have a landline because there is NO CELL SERVICE due to the hills and valleys in the area. You have to drive six miles down the road to get a signal. Also, as this piece pointed out, when the power goes out, which happens, especially in the winter and during fire season, landlines still work. Besides, the quality of landline reception is vastly superior to cell phones. They don’t mysteriously just cut out in the middle of a conversation.

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