Sheriff Clarke attacks Hillary’s hot sauce habit: ‘I’m surprised she didn’t say watermelon’

David Clarke

Fox News’ most beloved law enforcement officer, Sheriff David Clarke, asserted on Wednesday that Hillary Clinton’s comment to a black radio show about her love of hot sauce was as racist as telling them that her favorite fruit was “watermelon.” During a conversation with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club this week, Clinton was asked what oneā€¦

4 thoughts on “Sheriff Clarke attacks Hillary’s hot sauce habit: ‘I’m surprised she didn’t say watermelon’

  1. I’m not a historian, but wtf is this guy talking about?? With the notable exception of ONE Southern Democrat (Lyndon Baines Johnson) it’s true southern Dems were not on board with the Civil Rights Act. In 1964. Fast forward to 2016 and they are now all Republicans. Todays’ parties don’t resemble themselves from 1864, 1964 or even 1980 anymore.

    Plus also too – Clinton’s been known for her love of hot sauce for years now. FFS

    Faux outrage is Fox News specialty.

  2. Also, too, the British Parliament Cantina/ Dining Hall is (in)famous (a la the Tabasco Revolt) for having the said hot sauce on every table, as per the wishes of the Parliamentarians themselves. I suppose that mkes them cryptoracists. BTW, I suppose it is possible that HRC, and for that matter Bernie Sanders or Donal Trump may not actually be aware of a newly released single by Beyonce, seeing as how they are rather busy these days and not necessarily plugged constantly in to their I-heart-radio apps. with their smart headsets like the Kids Nowadays.

  3. “The GOP hasn’t done anything that historic, that meaningful for black Americans since then.”

    WTF? They made Willie Horton famous, appointed Thomas to the Supreme Court and applauded the OJ acquittal (okay I Trumped that one).

  4. Best guess is that it has something to do with a movie that I actually enjoyed a great deal, Undercover Brother. Said brother is introduced driving his Cadillac and stopping at the Seven-Eleven to get a forty-ounce soda pop. Don’t laugh, I used to buy the same beverage at about the same period in history. As a secret agent, he pretends to be white, which entails a love of mayonnaise. Part of his 007 like paraphernalia includes a tiny stash of hot sauce in his wristwatch which he may squirt on to his food to counteract the mayonnaise.

    I knew that I could contribute something! You can’t say that Clarke does not know the important movies of the decade.

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