Fox Fraud pleads Guilty: Lying About Serving in the CIA

It turns out that working for Fox News isn’t too difficult; all you have to do is fake a nearly three decade CIA career and talk the right-wing talk on cue. Longtime political correspondent for Fox News Wayne Simmons was arrested several months ago for fraudulent activity surrounded his supposed tenure in the CIA, completely fabricating…

One thought on “Fox Fraud pleads Guilty: Lying About Serving in the CIA

  1. Speaking of the CIA and right-wing crap.
    Over the weekend CIA Director John Brennan said that the 28 pages implicating the Saudi’s in the 9-11 attack shouldn’t be released to the public because they were “inaccurate” and “un-vetted.”
    That’s a pretty curious thing to say about a document that’s been sitting around for 14 years.
    The real problem for the CIA and for Saudi Arabia is the fact that too many people have already seen those 28 pages.
    Therefore the CIA can’t make them disappear or sanitize the shit out of them.

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