Something is wrong with Rick Perry. Seriously wrong.


Rick Perry, y’all. The boy is sick. Something is wrong with that boy. He has taken to the airwaves to blast Khizr Khan for daring to speak against Donald Trump. Prepared your insides for this one. Former Gov. Rick Perry is defending Donald Trump’s war of words with the family of a fallen Muslim soldier, saying…

3 thoughts on “Something is wrong with Rick Perry. Seriously wrong.

  1. Perry, “reminding everyone what hateful, idiotic people that Republicans are . . .” Rethugs are scrambling to portray Drumpf as an outlier, but when the mask is ripped away, Repugnicants are all hateful, idiotic people and Drumpf is only the most outspoken.

  2. I don’t see why Rick Perry is relevant at this point in time.

    I do feel the need (after working a MANDATORY 11 hour day in manufacturing at my age-65!) to share some homely tips on how to deal with mosquitoes.

    Wear clothing, screen windows, insect repellent, yeah…. (and how safe are those clouds of insecticide they are spraying all over Miami???)

    But if worse come to worse, and a mosquito actually lands on you and begins her meal.

    You need to wait.

    Yes. She, in the act of biting you, is injecting an anti-coagulant AND all the various viruses and diseases she sucked up from the last thing she bit.

    At this point, I like most humans, slap the sucker to death.


    If you can stand the irritation for a few more seconds, the mosquito who injected all those diseases will suck them out again.

    Maybe not all of them, but I have tried a few times to let her suck her stuff back up and IT WORKED. I did not itch in the morning.

    It does take patience.

    I’ll have to work on that one, I guess.

  3. Molly Ivins is no longer available to explain Rick Perry, so it’s probably not really possible.

    But lacking Molly, we can rely on Juanita Jean, the gum-cracking hairdresser channeled by Susan Bankston

    google string rick perry

    BTW, if you want to better understand the Republican nominee for Vice president
    google string mike pence

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