Palin falls, cracks head, uses it to bash Clinton

Mrs. Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin used her unfortunate tumble to bring up Hillary Clinton’s health and, somehow, misogyny. …she wrote on Facebook that she slipped and fell, cracking her head on a rock, then used the incident as a way to bash Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. “Rock-running recently, I tripped over my own two feet and crashed &…

4 thoughts on “Palin falls, cracks head, uses it to bash Clinton

  1. There’s no credible evidence pertaining to what happened (or didn’t happen.)
    All that’s clear is that Sarah did not “fall while rock-running (whatever that is.)
    Domestic violence?
    Desire for attention or relevance?

    Trump’s stoner MD should look into this.

  2. That is a weird pic. Is that normal for her eye lashes to be so heavily mascaraed and unsmudged after an accident like that? Do women who go rock running to swing their cojones around go in full make ip?

  3. I run trails. Trips with bad consequences are common. That’s why my advice to Princess Dumbass would be to try it sober.

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