Wingnuts freak out over Tim Kaine’s lapel pin


Many viewers Tuesday night watching the Longwood Vice Presidential debate were noticing a difference between Senator Tim Kaine’s lapel pin and Governor Mike Pence’s. Pence wore an American flag pin, the typical option for such an occasion. RELATED: Mike Pence makes a heartfelt case for police officers during the VP debate Kaine, alternatively, wore a flag…

One thought on “Wingnuts freak out over Tim Kaine’s lapel pin

  1. Pins, shins, who gives a SHIT? Have these idiots nothing better to do than pinpoint (pun intended) such trivia? Were they bothering to listen to what the candidates were saying? Years ago, prior to 9/11 politicians never bothered to wear pins on their lapels and no one gave a shit then. Personally, I wouldn’t care if either of them came to the debate in their pajamas. During the ’08 cycle I seem to recall these same boneheads complaining about Hillary wearing pantsuits. Why don’t these conservative trivia experts complain to Glen Beck? DRAT, that’s right right he ain’t around
    anymore O(:

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