Automatic registration ‘cheapens the work’ of civil rights heroes

You really have to watch this interview. Blocking automatic registration is a good way to put obstacles in the way of people who are likely to be Democrats. See? They really don’t believe in democracy:

Automatic voter registration has recently emerged a key tool in increasing the United States’ anemic voter turnout. The process is simple: Whenever an eligible citizen interacts with a government agency (typically the DMV), she is registered to vote unless she declines. Although automatic voter registration is a nonpartisan initiative, it tends to be favored by Democrats and opposed by Republicans, who believe they fare better in low-turnout races; two Republican governors have already vetoed Democrat-sponsored automatic voter registration bills in Illinois and New Jersey. Now Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill, a Republican, has joined the opposition. Asked a question about automatic voter registration, Merrill declared that the practice “cheapen[s] the work” of civil rights heroes and that “just because you turned 18 doesn’t give you the right” to vote.

3 thoughts on “Automatic registration ‘cheapens the work’ of civil rights heroes

  1. Wow – silly me. I thought you earned the right to vote just because you turned 18. You sure as hell qualify to be drafted to get your head blown off in illegal Republican wars.

  2. “just because you turned 18 doesn’t give you the right” to vote. Uh, yes. Yes it does you racist fuck.

  3. Day is night Republican. Civil rights heroes sacrificed and died so Republicans could continue to deny people the right to vote. Uh, no.

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