3 thoughts on “Open thread

  1. An oil baron for Interior Sec.
    Jr. Trump for Treasury Sec,
    Rudy Giuliani for Attorney General
    Bolton war criminal for State Dept.
    Chris Christy for HHS Sec.
    No one with any intelligence wants to work for Trump on Intelligence.
    The left side of the bench is older than the right side, so high probability of a fascist supreme court.

    Most likely, he’ll just spend [4] years with special prosecutors hunting down everyone who wronged him, and the country will run itself on inertia.

  2. What worries me is that the Democratic Party believes in a demographic inevitability while they can’t win mid-terms, governorships, and state legislative races. We obsess about incremental voter suppression measures as though without them we would win these things starting today. The Republican Party has gone hard rural and it can still carry those voters by wide margins for a long time to come. The re-election of Governors Brownback, Walker, LePaige, Perry, Christie points to a landscape far bleaker than we recognize. I guarantee you that when the Republicans put twenty million people out on the streets in the ACA repeal, the Democrats will soak up the blame. Even after that, the Democrats will make scant progress in the House come the mid-terms, so we will blame gerrymandering. This election is a trend. Barrack Obama was such an extraordinary politician that his two terms were the aberration.

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