Is Jared Kushner the new shadow president?


I’m not sure what I expected from a Trump administration, but at least I expected Donald Trump to be the actual President. Now, I’m not so sure. Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who has not strayed far from Trump’s side during the campaign, and is always the last person to see him before any decision, may take…

3 thoughts on “Is Jared Kushner the new shadow president?

  1. Oh great we elected an entitled prick who’s barely old enough to be eligible for POTUS himself. And apparently Trump is easily swayed by the last person he talks to – hence his acceptance now of provisions of the ACA after talking to Obama. It’s one of his characteristics according to people who know him.

  2. With this and Ivanka’s merchandising her wares on 60 Min, looks like we get the whole family for the price of the presidency. What a deal. I do feel sorry for for Baron, although he has been promoted to the nobility.

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