Vertical integration!

Ivanka Trump

There has always been evidence that the Trump family views the presidency as an opportunity to expand their personal brand and wealth, and the hits keep coming. On Sunday, during the family’s first interview following the election, Ivanka Trump wore a bracelet that sells from her own jewelry line for more than $10,000. Apparently hoping for…

3 thoughts on “Vertical integration!

  1. I am SO sick of the tired old refrain, “Now, imagine if… [fill in “Democrats” or specific Democrat] did… [fill in whatever slimy thing a Republican did]. The question is: WHY do Democrats keep letting this shit happen? What are Democrats doing about…[fill in whatever slimy thing Republicans do/did]?

    I’m so sick and tired of bovine Democrats.

  2. You missed the freeze frame on 60 Minutes in which she did the display ad. We liberals fail to understand that you can’t boycott products you would never buy. Fleecing the rubes does tend to drain the right wing swamp. Marketing distracts from declaring martial law.

  3. Oh what the hell? Let me hurry on down to my nearest Walmart w/10 grand in hand to get one of those for my wife’s birthday!

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