Normalizing the abnormal

German Officers 1940s 8

It’s bizarre, watching TV bobbleheads still trying to normalize the black cloud of chaos descending on our country. I don’t think we’re going to see any thoughtful Edward R. Morrows emerge from this particular pack; I dunno, maybe someone will surprise me.

Make no mistake, we are in real trouble. It won’t be long before we see street mobs, and protests that turn into mass police crackdowns.

The people who survived in the past stuck together. They got to know their neighbors, they looked out for each other. Let me put it this way: When they announce a mandatory Muslim registry, you might give some serious thought to registering as a Muslim. Because everyone in Holland registered as a Jew, and it saved lives.

7 thoughts on “Normalizing the abnormal

  1. Just a dour warning about neighbors, have you read Love Thy Neighbor by Peter Maass? It didn’t turn out at all well in Bosnia.

  2. Yugsalvia is actually the parralel I think we are following rather than Germany or Italy. Ten years of bannon, Kusner lewandowski and whomever else fox and cnn shove down our throats and it will be time for the suspect menfolk to report to the football stadium for liquidation.
    Sort of ironic considering various players connection to that mess.

  3. Duty i.e., I think I have heard something similar to this a long time ago,but if I recall correctly, it was Denmark, not the Netherlands. And I don’t know if it was about registering, maybe it was about wearing the yellow stars. No idea if either one is true.

  4. Fuck all that re: Demark, Netherlands, etc. We are in the USA and if we don’t mobilize, we ARE ALL screwed one way or the other, Jewish, Muslims, Blacks, Women. If anyone suggests, as Trump has time-and-again, that he’s going after these groups, we better be ready to fight like hell to subvert his distorted worldview.

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