Trump and Ryan are planning to gut Social Security

Paul Ryan

Given the unmitigated disaster when Republicans tried to actually repeal the ACA and replace with something much, much worse, tax reform ought to be a real hit parade of nonsense, which is already beginning. The AP reports that the administration is considering a number of “unorthodox proposals including a drastic cut to the payroll tax, aimed…

One thought on “Trump and Ryan are planning to gut Social Security

  1. It’s really pretty simple, as you have described. Starve the beast until you can drown it in the bathtub. But I doubt most Americans, confused by MSM misreporting, have much of a grasp on the basic issues here. Many of my friends in their 30s and 40s assume SS will be dead by the time they retire. They resent supporting a system that they believe will be of no benefit to them. If the payroll tax is reduced they will buy a 3/4 ton diesel pickup instead of a 1/2 ton gas engine. Win/win in their minds.

    Broken record here, but I gotta say that Dems have contributed significantly to Ryan & Co hijacking the narrative. They don’t have a coherent message, because they don’t have a unified, coherent policy stance. Most are neolibs, like Hillary. Obama’s craven attempt to be a “grownup” and make us take our medicine by appointing Simpson and Bowles and trying to force the chained CPI and increase the retirement age down Republicans’ throats was despicable. Only the Republicans’ determination to prevent Obama from achieving anything defeated his “Grand Bargain” of 90% program cuts (not just SS) for 10% in tax increases.

    Despite their vaunted growing demographic electoral tidal wave, Dems will continue to lose until they stop trying to flush signature, historic Democratic policy achievements down the toilet. Why vote for Republican lite when you can have the lying, scheming, fascist real thing?

    BTW, Bennet joined Heitkamp, Manchin, el al in voting for Gorsuch. ITYS. It’s ok if you’re a DINO. He also supported the Grand, Grand bargain. Totally clueless about the lives most of us live.

    p.s. Don’t get me started on Dem foreign and military stance, but the way they fell over themselves to praise Trump’s illegal, cosmetic, meaningless Syria strike ranks up there with the best of their lemming-like stupidity. Complicit.

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