Sean Hannity and the ‘liberal fascists’

Ted Koppel Calmly And Politely Telling Sean Hannity That He's Bad For America Is Worth Watching

I’ll note here that everyone I know who knows or has met Sean Hannity says that, off camera, he is one of the nicest people they know. So this accusation doesn’t seem likely.

Memo to Sean Hannity: The Fox News employees pushed out of Fox News were sexually-assaulting conservatives, accused by conservatives and eventually ousted by conservative Rupert Murdoch. Furthermore, the woman who accused you of sexual harassment is a conservative. So quit blaming liberals for the rot inside your own organization! As I’ve previously reported, conservative pundit Debbie…

2 thoughts on “Sean Hannity and the ‘liberal fascists’

  1. Currently, as a society, we are “at war” with each other.

    So why does Hannity feel as though he should be exempt from the slings and arrows?

  2. one of the nicest people they know? Poor bastards, they must only know some absolutely bottom of the barrel assholes then.

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