One thought on “Former Trump aide worried about lawyer Cohen

  1. What Trump should be worried about is what the following people were doing for his 2016 campaign.

    >Roger Stone– Political dirty trickster par excellence.

    >George Papadopoulos– Pled guilty to lying to Mueller.

    >Brad Parscale– Computer wizard who was the Trump campaigns computer guru. Recently appointed Trump’s 2020 Campaign Director.

    >Richard Pinedo– Computer expert who pled guilty to identity fraud after talking to Mueller.

    >Carter Page– triple-quadruple-double agent and world renowned non compos mentis.

    This is the ship of fools who used WikiLeaks as a foil to cover up their collusion.

    Cohen is nothing more than a very stupid consigliore who, like Fredo, might be asked to take a rowboat ride real soon.

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