Even Trey Gowdy ridicules Scott Pruitt

Rep. Trey Gowdy not seeking re-election

Which tells you how bad Scott Pruitt is!

If the EPA chief was genuinely concerned with his exposure to potentially dangerous passengers, he would choose to sit at the very back of the plane, Gowdy argued.

“If you really want to avoid people on the plane, sit in the last seat not the first seat,” he said.

Gowdy added that he would be “shocked” if many members of the general public even knew who Pruitt was, but that, as a government official, Pruitt should be prepared to take criticism from the public.

“The notion that I’ve got to fly first class because I don’t want people to be mean to me, you need to go into another line of work if you don’t want people to be mean to you,” he said, joking that Pruitt should become a monk in order to avoid interacting with anyone.

On Friday, Gowdy expanded his committee’s investigation into Pruitt’s travel and security practices and requested interviews with several of the administrator’s top aides. This comes a day after Gowdy’s staff met with a former EPA aide, Kevin Chmielewski.

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