Is Cohen cooperating?

What a tangled web we weave! Why is Trump’s legal team freaking out?

“MSNBC chief legal correspondent Ari Melber tweeted the feds now have everything from michael cohen’s office, do they have something that’s forcing Trump’s lawyers to admit he’s behind the Stormy Daniels’ payment, after all his public denials? Joe?” Mika Brzezinski said.

“There’s no coordination on anything that’s said,” Scarborough said. “They’re constantly changing their story. This is the sort of thing again that Donald Trump may be able to get away with when he’s sending out tweets and he talks about fake news.

“But as you’ve seen, when you go into court proceedings, they have timelines, and they have statements, and they write down the statements: ‘This is what he said on January the 5th. This is what he said on, you know, February 2nd. This is what he said on March –‘ I mean, you go through the timeline of this, this is going to be devastating for whomever the defendant is when they finally get in court. Whether it’s Donald Trump, whether it’s Michael Cohen. They can’t keep their stories straight and for now, it’s just baffling. A Little League baseball team would be able to get their story more straight than the president’s team and this confederacy of dunces.”

Mike Barnicle said he was told last night that the legal strategy of Trump and Rudy Giuliani “is fear. They are desperately afraid that Michael Cohen is cooperating with the special prosecutor.

“And they are also convinced that the special prosecutor might have Donald Trump’s tax returns. which would be a lethal weapon in terms of matching the president’s rhetoric, against actual fact-based stuff. What did he spend the money on, what was the $400,000-plus spent on. did he deduct it, things like that. They are in a world of hurt and they’re waiting for Emmit Flood to come through the door.”

One thought on “Is Cohen cooperating?

  1. At this point in Mueller’s investigation it doesn’t really matter who’s singing.

    What does matter is how many of these criminals Mueller can roll up.

    Trump knows that impeachment proceedings are coming. Republican control of the House will end in November. (If we all get out and vote.)

    In the meantime charter schools are destroying our educational system, hence the teacher strikes.
    Puerto Ricans are in open revolt.
    Pruitt and Zinke are destroying our environment and making the Big Oil oligarchs much richer.
    And our judicial system has been packed with right wing judges who will remain in office for the next 30 years.

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