One thought on “Trump hired black ops team to find dirt on Iran deal negotiators

  1. Over the weekend Hezbollah won the general election in Lebanon with more then 50% of the vote.
    The rest of the vote was split by the Sunnis and the Christians.

    That prompted the criminal Netanyahu to threaten Iran with war. “We will fight on until the last American soldier is dead,” Bibi was heard muttering to himself.

    Netanyahu has been the PM of Israel, on and off, since 1996. Throughout that period he has been able to drive US foreign policy. (Remember the war in Iraq?)

    Since Bibi’s been running things in Israel, Iraq has come under the influence of Iran. As has Syria, Gaza and now Lebanon.
    Bibi killed the two-state solution and that will eventually lead to a one-state solution.

    Are we sure that the criminal Netanyahu isn’t a Russian oligarch?

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