Oh yeah, about those 54 dead Palestinians

Oddly enough, they simply “died.” No one killed them, I guess they just dropped dead.

One thought on “Oh yeah, about those 54 dead Palestinians

  1. Extremist Zionists like Democrat Chuck Schumer, have the blood of 12,000 dead and wounded Palestinian’s on their hands.

    Amb. Nikki Haley vetoed a UN resolution calling for an investigation into the death and wounding of 12,000 unarmed Palestinian’s in Gaza.
    What are Trump and Netanyahu afraid of?
    That when the UN presents the facts to the world, those facts will show that Netanyahu has, once again, committed war crimes?

    Every country on the planet disagrees with Trump on his Jerusalem gambit.
    Except for………Guatemala and Paraguay. Which, by the way, have populations that have been heavily infected by Evangelical Christianity.

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