Remember those Michael Avenatti tweets?

This is the guy who managed the Rosneft oil stock that was mentioned in the Steele dossier. Hmm…

Now the Daily Mail reports Michael Cohen hit the guy up for millions of dollars in cash to give to members of the Trump family. Oh boy!

One thought on “Remember those Michael Avenatti tweets?

  1. Trump has now offended members of the “Deep State” so much that they are being given NSA material by the box full.
    The NSA collects every conversation, e-mail, tweet, etc., from everyone on earth continually.
    Type in a key-word and the information will come flowing out like water from a faucet.

    Avenatti is a recipient of this information, but he is not the only recipient.

    The FBI’s Mark Felt was Woodward’s Deep Throat, and the NSA is Avenatti’s source.

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