Pardon me

Dinesh D’Souza is the worst — which makes me wonder what Trump is trying to distract us from this week. Hmm.

One thought on “Pardon me

  1. In the beginning Trump was going to play it straight.
    Then the Left, Resist, and lots of other concerned citizens showed up to ruin his party.
    So Trump decided to turn into the “wise guy” that he has always been in order to combat the “haters.”

    Trumps instincts are those of a criminal, which makes him a typical Capitalist, and an easy target.
    Capitalists lie constantly and so does Trump.
    One of the biggest lies that the Capitalists tell is that there are “free markets” and “free trade.”
    As dumb as Trump is, even he doesn’t believe that whopper.

    In Trumps criminal mind, the only way to break your enemy is to steal his money.
    That’s why he started the trade war.

    Trump is a fat, bald, vindictive, little prick who doesn’t have a lick of common sense.
    That makes him an easy mark for anybody who made it to the 10 grade.

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