Florida drug manufacturer closes facility following lawsuits and FDA warnings

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A Davie, Florida pharmaceutical manufacturer closed its manufacturing facility after the filing of two lawsuits related to defective products manufactured at the location, as well as numerous FDA violations following an inspection of the facility in 2017.

PharmaTech, LLC vacated its Davie plant after the FDA cited it for numerous safety, quality, and procedural violations during an inspection that began in March 2017. Prior to those violations, PharmaTech was named in two separate lawsuits, one of which involved the death of an infant in Pennsylvania and the other that involved serious personal injury to an individual who took some of its medications.

The infant, Alivia Singleton, died after she was given “Diocto Liquid”, a stool softener manufactured by PharmaTech. Alivia was in the hospital for a respiratory issue and the medicine was found to contain a rare complex of bacteria that posed significant risks to individuals suffering from chronic respiratory issues. Following this, an outbreak related to this bacteria being found in other liquid PharmaTech products resulted in a voluntary recall of Diocto Liquid, which was later expanded to all liquid PharmaTech products.  

The second lawsuit was filed by Virginia Allgood, who alleges that she suffered serious personal injury from dizziness, tremors, and seizures that resulted from her taking Hyoscyamine Sulfate which is often used to treat the symptoms of IBS that had been prescribed to her in 2016.  She continued taking the drug until she was notified by mail of a recall of the product. Testing found the medications contained both subpotent and superpotent mixtures of the drug.

In October 2017, the FDA issued a warning to all doctors and individuals to avoid any liquid medication produced by PharmaTech and to pay attention because these drugs are often distributed under different labels.  

“Situations such as these remind everyone of how much faith we put into the manufacturers of the medications we rely on for our health to produce them safely and correctly,” said Gordon J. Glover, a Marion County personal injury attorney with Glover Law Firm. “Consumers rely fully on the pharmaceutical company to take its production and quality control requirements seriously – in many cases putting their very lives in the hands of these companies. Unfortunately, PharmaCare’s negligence led to dozens of serious injury and the death of a little girl.  PharmaCare has to be held accountable for its actions, and the FDA’s recalls are just the first step.”

If you used one of PharmaCare’s drugs and suffered an adverse reaction, follow this link to file a report with the FDA to ensure that the proper authorities are aware.