Above ethics

Senate Goes On An All-Out War Over Justice kennedy's Replacement

You’ve heard me bitch a few times about the fact that SCOTUS exempted itself from the same Judicial Code of Conduct other federal judges have to follow, and here’s a perfect example of why it’s so inappropriate:

You can’t exchange things of value (in this case, the SCOTUS nomination) when you’re a normal federal judge. You just can’t.

This is a big fucking deal.

One thought on “Above ethics

  1. Nobody is above the law. Nobody.
    Despite what Kavanaugh and the Federalist Society (they made a list too) believe.

    Nobody is above the law. Not even Trump.
    Despite what he may believe or what he’s been told.

    Trump’s instincts are good, but his complete lack of knowledge on any topic and his extraordinarily poor judgement makes everything that he touches turn to s**t.

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