All the GOP monkeys are trying to cover their asses

Mitch McConnell in particular:

3 thoughts on “All the GOP monkeys are trying to cover their asses

  1. Just who are the Russian operatives here?

    Bill Browder was the guy responsible for getting the Magnitsky Act passed, which is praised by both Republicans and Democrats.

    Browder is also the guy who founded Hermitage Capital, which, at one time, was the largest portfolio investor in Russia at $4.5 billion.
    Then Browder ran afoul of the Russian government for not paying his taxes. Shortly thereafter Browder’s account was murdered and Browder fled the country.

    Once he reached England, where he’s a citizen (he gave up his American citizenship in 1988 for tax reasons) Browder began attacking the “filthy, Russian dogs.”

    Browder was tried in absentia for income tax evasion in 2013, found guilty, and sentenced to 9 years in jail. He owes the Russian government $16.9 million in back taxes.

    Here’s the curious part.

    After Crowder left the country his investors discovered that there was $4.5 billion missing from Hermitage Capital’s accounts.

    Bill Crowder’s net worth today is $4.2 billion.

    Who’s on first? Third base? I dunno.

  2. Were Browder’s bilked investors Russians, Americans, or both?
    I can see why Vladimir V. Putin might be interested in having a chat with him.

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