A matter of conscience

Alcatraz. San Francisco, California. April/2018

Even inmates have more of a conscience than Donald Trump:

Inmates at the Bristol County House of Corrections in North Dartmouth began a hunger strike Tuesday evening in solidarity with ICE detainees, says Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson.

Hodgson says 71 inmates refused dinner Tuesday night, and another 35 inmates joined them in refusing breakfast Wednesday morning.

ICE detainees in Bristol County were on a hunger strike last week in protest of a lack of medical care, “inedible” food, and other alleged abuses. The sheriff says, news coverage of those strikes led inmates in the general population to refuse meals this week to show their support.

“It’s been a consistent problem my clients were faced with, as far as lack of medical treatment,” says immigration attorney Val Ribeiro. She currently represents three ICE detainees held in Bristol County, though over the years she has represented many others.

“We kind of have to move mountains to get [Bristol County] to acknowledge it, number one, and to provide them with the proper medication and treatment if necessary,” Ribeiro says.

Hodgson denies that there are issues with food or medical care for ICE detainees, saying that all inmates receive the same meals and care.

We know he’s a sociopath, so there’s that.

One thought on “A matter of conscience

  1. Speaking of sociopaths with no conscience, isn’t Manafort treated differently then the other prisoners?

    Then there’s the kindred spirts of Trump and John “The Teflon Don” Gotti.
    Both men are(were) extremely flamboyant, very public and intentionally intimidating.
    Trump thinks and acts like a modern-day crime boss similar to John Gotti.

    Gotti’s top lieutenant and fixer Sammy “The Bull” Gravano took Gotti down.

    Who will be the first to take Trump down, Mueller or Cohen?

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