We interrupt this despair for a goofy, wonderful patriotic moment

“It is a very strange time in America,” Jimmy Kimmel said last night. “It is a time when our president is building walls and telling people to go back where they came from.

“With all that happening, it’s important to remember that many people still dream of becoming Americans. Every week, immigrants from countries all around the world take the oath of citizenship. Ceremonies are held in libraries, classrooms, and courthouses, which is fine, but I think becoming an American should be more exciting than a trip to the DMV.

“So we’ve invited a group of real, new Americans to come to this show for a big welcome to this country.”

And then he presented an over-the-top “Welcome to America” segment that might just remind you of the things we still love about America.

One thought on “We interrupt this despair for a goofy, wonderful patriotic moment

  1. The following is something that we should not love about America.

    John Bolton, warmonger extraordinaire, added another country to the US list of “rogue nations.”

    Venezuela now joins Cuba, Iran, Syria and North Korea on the list of countries that the US will not do business with.
    (Why isn’t Saudi Arabia and Israel on that list?)

    Trump is conducting ‘economic warfare’ and practicing ‘collective punishment’ against the people living in the countries on Bolton’s list of rogue nations.

    Economic warfare and collective punishment are illegal and a violation of international law.

    Impeach Trump.

    Now that’s something that every American immigrant would celebrate.

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