One thought on “Jared’s pal

  1. It would be far more useful if the House Intelligence Committee would probe Israel’s influence. But Adam Schiff is probably not inclined to do that for obvious reasons.

    What about the candidates that the Democratic leadership (establishment) chooses to back and how do they impact the future direction of the party?

    It’s no secret that Speaker Pelosi is a hawk (warmonger) and a Capitalist.
    Consequently Pelosi likes giant defense budgets and dislikes the “radical, Socialists” members of the “Squad.”

    Pelosi does however like the members of the “Sentries.”

    The “Sentries are ex(?)-intelligence agents like Spanberger(VA), Slotkin(MI), Sherrill(NJ), Houlahan(PA) and Laria(VA).

    The “Sentries” are opposed to impeachment because they feel that “calling for Trumps ouster is politically perilous.”

    Spanberger said recently, “We are making every decision, whichever way it goes, based on facts and evidence and our duty to uphold the Constitution.”

    So which is it?

    The Constitution mandates that a criminal president be impeached.
    Have the “Sentries” read the Mueller Report?
    Or do ex-intelligence agents define what constitutes criminal behavior differently from the rest of us?

    You can’t uphold the Constitution Representative Spanberger if, for political reasons, you refuse to follow its dictates.
    That’s a breach of your oath of office.

    Impeach Trump.

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