North Carolina GOP hates democracy

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North Carolina Republicans are people who can and will pull every nasty trick they can think of. Yesterday, after the speaker assured Democrats there would be no votes on the Democratic governor’s budget veto, they did — while the Democrats were at a 9/11 service.

And when Democrat Rep. Debra Butler took to the floor to denounce the speaker and refused to yield the floor, he requested the police officers to remove her. Her Democratic colleagues surrounded her to prevent it from happening.

From the local ABC affiliate:

“Republicans had wanted to override Cooper’s budget veto for months but did not have the three-fourths of the vote required to override the veto. Without the votes, Republicans kept the veto override on the calendar but never brought it to the floor–until Wednesday.

“Democrats charge Republicans with deliberately lying (by saying they would not call a vote on the morning of Sept. 11) in order to push through the vote with just 53 percent of North Carolina representatives present–and with the vast majority of those present being Republicans plotting to override the budget veto. “

Also, Wonkette’s story.

2 thoughts on “North Carolina GOP hates democracy

  1. Now we know why so many Republicans are retiring from the House.

    Bishop beat the Democrat by 2 points in a district that has been Republican for 50 years and was won by Trump in 2016 by 12 points.

    Any Republican who won their last election by less the 10 points should be preparing to be beaten and beaten badly in 2020.

    Republicans in the realist camp are retiring because they’ve “seen the light.” The rest of them are living inside Trumps head.

    Take Republican leader Kevin McCarthy for example who said after Bishop’s win, “I think it means Trump is going to get a second term, and Republicans will retake the majority.”

    Both McCarthy and Trump are delusional, racist, liars.

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