One thought on “So predictable

  1. What Capitalists (Democrat and Republican) like Rubin fear most is the fact that the Democratic Party is beginning to look a lot more like FDR with Warren, and less like its current Democratic-lite, Neo-liberal self with Joe Biden.

    GM made $80 billion in profit last year.

    Yet, the strike against GM continues because GM refuses to give those who actually made that profit, the workers, a bigger piece of the action.
    The shareholders want the whole enchilada for themselves.

    What the workers want is more money in their paychecks, a chunk of the profits (profit-sharing), the cessation to plant closings and relocation overseas, and fewer part time temporary workers.

    Those are reasonable demands don’t you thing Jennifer?

    Even Trump agrees with some of things.
    So why isn’t he intervening on behalf of GM workers?

    There’s a lot of BS being tossed about these days is why.

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