One thought on “Lawless piece of crap says what?

  1. Trump knows that the end is near which explains his more frequent and erratic behavior.
    It also explains his “great and unmatched wisdom” comment and the talking points memo delivered to the House claiming that the impeachment inquiry was “illegitimate and unconstitutional.”

    Trump, like Caligula, is nuts.
    Like Caligula, Trump will soon appoint a farm animal to a high office.

    The Democrats have no choice but to impeach the corrupt Trump in the House and then force the Senate to convict him.

    It’s clear that what the equally corrupt Republicans care about most is keeping their jobs and their power.

    Republicans could care less about Trumps many crimes or about protecting our Constitution, as long as they get their piece of the action.
    The Republicans have evolved into farm animals.
    Oink. Oink.

    Republicans are the “enemy of the people.”

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