One thought on “Page A16

  1. When you live in a monochromatic world (you know black and white and read all over) old, irrelevant news always lands on A16.

    But occasionally you hear or read something that stuns you.

    It was shocking to learn that Democratic Representative Tulsi Gabbard is a stalking horse for the Russians and that her support is drawn mainly from the lunatic fringe on the Left and Right.

    Equally shocking was the revelation that the Green Party’s Jill Stein is a Russian asset.

    Just how many “Reds” are loose in this country?
    Perhaps the time has come to regurgitate the House Un-American Activities Committee and root out these “Reds” to find out just how large the “Red Menace” is in the US?

    Calling Joe McCarthy.

    Note: The oligarchs have concluded that Joe Biden’s candidacy isn’t going anywhere so they’ve thrown their resources behind Mayor Pete.
    Isn’t that special?

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